20. D.A.N. Family Reunion in Oberammergau

This year we are going to meet for our 20th D.A.N. Family Reunion from July, 29th to August, 5th 2017. That seems like a perfect reason to celebrate, doesn't it? And because Oberammergau is such a beautiful and pitoresque place in Bavaria, we're going there again. Could you really afford to miss this splendid opportunity? We would certainly miss you!  

But we are absolutely sure this won't happen, ’cos as soon as you've read the following details and information, there will be only one question in your mind:

Where can I sign up for the course? Follow this link please, if you would!


The course will take place at the sportshall at the “Turnerweg in Oberammergau“.

As always, the D.A.N. Family Reunion is only open to members of the D.A.N. Family! Other than that, you only need to be familiar with the basics of rolling and very mild forms of break falls.

Training schedule (subject to change)

  6:30 to 7:45 9:30 to 11:30 14:00 to 15:30 16:00 to 17:30 16:30 to 18:30
Saturday, 29th         all grades
Sunday, 30th dan grades all grades all grades    
Monday, 31st   all grades all grades    
Tuesday, 1st dan grades all grades all grades    
Wednesday, 2nd          
Thursday, 3rd   all grades all grades kyu gradings  
Friday, 4th dan grades all grades dan gradings all grades  
Saturday, 5th   all grades      


Full course without dan seminar 120 €

Full course with dan seminar

140 €
Single day 25 €
Single day with dan seminar 35 €

Grading opportunity

There will be kyu gradings for members of D.A.N. The date for which will be announced at the beginning of the week.

Please note: Participation in any grading requires a valid D.A.N. Passport. Please make sure, you bring it with you. 


There are various ways to spend the D.A.N. Family Reunion in Oberammergau pleasantly. These are your options:

Youth Hostel Oberammergau

We have reserved 36 places in six-bed-dormitories. The cost is 350 Euro for full board per person. If you choose this option, we will organise everything for you and you can book your place on the online registration form. You just need to pay your deposit and we will charge you for the accommodation later together with the aikido sessions you booked. 

Campingpark Oberammergau

If you prefer to stay on the campsite, we have reserved 20 spaces for tents or caravans and a number of self-catering flats which can accommodate between 2 and 6 people. Unfortunately, we can not book these for you, you have to go to their website where you read all the details in English: www.campingpark-oberammergau.de

Note: Please book using the key word “AIKIDO 2017” for your reservation. Our reservation on the campsite is only valdi until the January, 31st 2017. 

Hotels, B&Bs, Holiday apartments

On top of that, Oberammergau is a well developed tourist place where you can find all types of accommodation which we would ask you to organise for yourself. You'll find plenty of offers through the following two websites: 

www.ammergauer-alpen.de/en ,www.oberammergau.de/en


Still questions unanswered? Please do not hesitate to drop us a message at danfr_2017@dan-in-bayern.de. Simone Körner will gladly answer your questions!